June 10 - June 23, 2003

Beautiful and tranquil Durango

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The interior ceiling of a church in Durango. I don't remember which one
Me in front of the Palacio de Gobierno in Durango
The interior patio of the Palacio de Gobierno
Local native people with traditional dress and the inevitable texana hat
Cerro de los Remedios in Durango
A mural depicting the life of Francisco (Pancho) Villa)
The cathedral in Durango. In nights of full moon you can see the silhouette of a nun in the left tower. We did.
The waterfall at El Saltito. At this time it was more of a trickle.
Helena, me and Adriana with one of the giant trees at El Saltito
A cactus that bears fruits, the Tunas, that are so yummy.
A Mariachi band playing in a restaurant at the main plaza
The Mariachi singer who also encouraged the spectators to sing along
And here is Helena singing along for the microphone
Helena, me and Adriana at the restaurant where the Mariachi band played
Crossing the border into China...er, the small village La China
The town Mezquital south of Durango
The natural water pool La Joya at Mezquital. The water is naturally warm
Adriana, me and Helena posing at a very old tree whose roots grow into a rock
The canyon above the swimmimg pool
Adriana, me and Helena in the swimming pool, where the water was very warm
Helena at La Joya
A double rainbow at La Joya after a thunderstorm
Adriana, me and Helena after the rodeo and spending the evening at the dance club

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